Larry Manetti Joins the Hawaii Five-O Cast

Hawaii Five OLarry Manetti has signed up for a recurring role on CBS’ Hawaii Five-O as Nicky ‘The Kid’ Demarco. Demarco’s described as a lounge owner/singer who will be helping out the Five-O gang with an investigation.
Manetti, host of the CRN Digital Talk Radio show “P.M. Show”, is no stranger to Hawaiian TV shows having starred in Magnum P.I. with Tom Selleck. His character in that series was a playboy club owner and weapons expert.
Commenting on Manetti’s new gig on Hawaii Five-O, CRN CEO and president Michael J. Horn said, “We’re very proud of Larry and couldn’t be more thrilled for him. As television enthusiasts, we’re equally as excited.”
According to CRN, Manetti will be shooting his episodes starting next week. The first episode he’ll appear in will air in February.

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