Spike TV Falls for Urban Tarzan

Spike LogoIf I could do a Tarzan call, I would. But I can’t, so instead I’ll have to settle with simply reporting that Spike TV has picked up Urban Tarzan. The 10 episode half-hour show will air in 2013 and features the “extreme animal handler” formerly known as John Brennan but now referred to as UrbanTarzan.
UrbanTarzan, Lorraine Yarde and Mark Basile came up with the idea for the series which will, per Spike TV, showcase “the unpredictable world of UrbanTarzan as he runs the Urban Tarzan Animal Relocation team, a privately-owned exotic and dangerous animal relocation service whose hazardous missions runs the gamut from capturing a deadly python on the loose in a residential neighborhood to tracking down a lion who escaped from an animal sanctuary.”
Joining UrbanTarzan on his animal adventures will be Jay “The Caveman” Cassidy, his right-hand man.
Source: Spike TV
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Rebecca Murray

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