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Matt Damon Brings A-List Celebs While Hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live

Matt Damon had Andy Garcia sub in for Guillermo, Sheryl Crow take over as the show’s band leader, Robin Williams help him with his monologue, and Sarah Silverman – Jimmy Kimmel’s ex – show up to celebrate Matt Damon taking... Read More....

New LOL Trailer with Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus stars in LOL, a high school relationship drama also starring Demi Moore, Ashley Greene, Douglas Booth, Thomas Jane, Adam Sevani, Jay Hernandrez, and Marlo Thomas. Written and directed by Lisa Azuelos, the comedy is Miley Cyrus’ first starring... Read More....

Demi Moore Files for Divorce from Ashton Kutcher

In a statement to the Associated Press, Demi Moore confirmed she and Ashton Kutcher are divorcing. The couple were married in 2005, and recently Kutcher’s been accused of cheating on the 49 year old actress (15 years his senior) fueling... Read More....

Margin Call Movie Review

Reviewed by Ian Forbes, Sobering Conclusion I’ve been told there’s some sort of financial crisis in America. Apparently, huge investment firms, banks, Wall Street, and other pillars of the economic system were pushing the boundaries of speculation and greed, and... Read More....

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