SNL Video: Justin Joins the Five-Timers Club

Saturday Night Live scored their best ratings in over a year with the return of Justin Timberlake as host. The March 9, 2013 SNL episode marked singer/actor Timberlake’s fifth time handling the hosting gig, making him the newest member of the exclusive 5-timers club. And one of the best skits of the night found his fellow 5-timers welcoming him to the club. Showing up to take part in his special night were Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Candice Bergen, Tom Hanks, Paul Simon, and Alec Baldwin. The ‘club’ skit also featured Martin Short and Dan Aykroyd as waiters (since they aren’t actually in the club).
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  • brentmulholland

    The show is beyond awful. I just watched the one where it’s getting colder because the “egg is the energy source and is gone” nonsense. People are dying because it’s so cold but no one has an actual winter coat. You can’t see anyone’s breath. The scenes where the black guy escapes from prison and gores himself on a stalagmite are hysterical. The science teacher/”expert on everything” says it’s getting colder because the dome is rotating the upper atmosphere to the ground. It just goes on and on.

    I am embarrassed for Steven Spielberg.

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