Bree Turner Interview: ‘Grimm’ Season 6 and the Much-Anticipated Baby

Grimm star Bree Turner

Bree Turner from ‘Grimm’ at Comic Con 2016 (Photo © Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

Grimm fans have practically been begging for Rosalee (played by Bree Turner) and Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell) to have a baby since the two Wesen became romantically involved. And, finally, at the end of season five of NBC’s Grimm it was revealed the couple will soon welcome a bouncing baby Fuchsbau or Blutbad or a mixture thereof. During the 2016 San Diego Comic Con press roundtables, Bree Turner talked about what Grimmsters can expect out of season six and about that much-anticipated new addition to Rosalee and Monroe’s family.

Bree Turner Interview:

So next season’s going to be different for you because there will be a little someone extra thrown in to the mix.

Bree Turner: “A little extra fuzzy little thing. So far we pick up right where we left off, so the news has just been delivered that I’m pregnant in the caverns. They like to do that to us – really break news in dire times. So, we’ll see. I can’t imagine the show will end without a little Fuchsbau baby on screen. It’s too juicy of a question to not have answered in the show, so we’ll see. I don’t know. We only have three scripts so far and it’s all pretty much happening real time, the first three scripts. There isn’t a time jump at all. We’re all just immediately dealing with the aftermath of HW being obliterated and Black Claw overtaking everything, and Renard going to the dark side. And Nick should be dead but he’s not and the stick, and is Eve Juliet? Awwww! So, we’re just kind of dealing with a lot. There’s a lot in Portland right now.”

The show has managed to reinvent itself each season. Will we see that this next season, too?

Bree Turner: “You know, I think we’re on the same trajectory that we ended the season with which I thought was really cool. The momentum just like picked up in the last several episodes of season five. Everything got very urgent; stakes were super high. There wasn’t any storyline being teased. We were just like delivering, delivering, delivering. And I think that so far we’re keeping with that. We have a shorter episode order this season so that’s fewer episodes to cram the same amount of information. So I think the urgency will be kicked up a notch.”

Do you think a happy ending is possible for Rosalee and Monroe?

Bree Turner: “I think so. It might not be in Portland. That has been talked about a lot in the script with the characters. There’s a lot of dialogue in the first three episodes of how Portland is really bad news right now. We might want to leave Portland – we’re not safe there. I think Rosalee wants to escape. I think the pressure of bringing a child into this unknown, scary space where they’re now totally exposed as a couple where they kind of want to live a quiet life, go under the radar – kind of just not be the face of any movement and now they’re Enemy Number One to Black Claw – I think that’s really scary to Rosalee and Monroe. So, we’ll see. Maybe they’ll ride off into the sunset to Tacoma or somewhere and start a new life.”

Are there any baby names being batted around by the cast members?

Bree Turner: (Laughing) “No, that’s a good question. No, no. But I would imagine with the couple it would be something old-fashioned and sweet.”

Have they discussed what kind of powers your baby will have?

Bree Turner: “That’s the big question. Is it going to be a hybrid? Is one species going to dominate? I don’t know. But it’s super fun. That’s why being a genre fantasy show like this it’s limitless what you can do. As an actor it’s always super fun. It’s like I can have a second head all of a sudden! It’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I grow a second head and that makes sense.’ So it keeps it really fun.”

How would you feel if the two cancel each other out and you end up with a human baby?

Bree Turner: “I know, right! I don’t know. It’s a good question because again it’s like interspecies mixing has kind of been verboden in a lot of generations and we’re sort of saying, ‘We’re a modern couple. That’s ridiculous.'”

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