From Fifty Shades to a Do-It-Yourself Guide on Writing

Fifty Shades of GreyI read the Fifty Shades of Grey book trilogy and while I understand why some people enjoy it, I just didn’t like writing style at all. In fact, I grew to dislike the series so much that I only skimmed book three to see if it actually got in better. It didn’t. Between all the “inner goddess” references and the lack of character development, Fifty Shades was mommy porn at its least appealing. Still, millions adore it and Hollywood’s ready to make a feature film (or a trilogy, if things go well at the box office) based on the Twilight fan fiction-turned-bestselling-book-series. And now Vintage Books is ready to serve up more of author E.L. James.

The publisher announced James is releasing Fifty Shades of Grey: Inner Goddess (A Journal) on May 1, 2013. The new book is a guide on writing and will include tips from James as well as blank pages for would-be authors to write out their ideas.

“As E L James traveled and met with her readers, there was a great curiosity about how she got started writing,” said Vintage publisher Anne Messitte. “Her personal story as a writer is inspirational to many women, and journaling has been an important part of her creative process from the start.”