About Us – The Showbiz Junkies Team

ShowbizJunkies.com was founded by Rebecca Murray and Gary Murray in 2011. Showbiz Junkies was created to spotlight the best (and occasionally the worst) in films, TV shows, and music. It’s not a gossip site and we attempt to avoid all mentions of the Kardashians, focusing more on actors, directors, writers, and musicians in the news for their work rather than celebrity connections.

Contributors to Showbiz Junkies include:

Fred Topel – Interviews and articles
Fred Topel has been an entertainment journalist since 1999. He covers movies and television for over 20 websites and magazines including About.com, CraveOnline, and Fanhattan, and has been a contributing writing with About.com since 2000. Topel’s a member of the Television Critics Association.

Kevin Finnerty – Reviews and analysis
Kevin Finnerty’s worked at Clear Channel Communications, KOGO radio, since 1997. Finnerty’s film reviews are heard by the Southern California audience on a weekly basis, and he’s also a member of the San Diego Film Critics Society.

Ian Forbes – Reviews and news
Ian Forbes is the founder and senior editor of SoberingConclusion.com. A member of the San Diego Film Critics Society, Forbes loves classic ’80s films and can’t wait until Hollywood is done remaking them and crushing his soul.

Rebecca Murray – Editor and lead writer
Rebecca Murray has more than 16 years experience as an entertainment journalist. Murray has interviewed thousands of celebrities as the writer of the About.com Hollywood Movies website (one of the top 20 websites) and is a contributor to Examiner.com. Murray believes she represents the average moviegoer and embraces films of all genres.

Beth Accomando – Feature reporter
Beth Accomando studied film at UCSD. She’s a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and is director of Film School Confidential: A Showcase of San Diego Student Filmmaking. Accomando covers independent and international films for National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and Public Radio International’s The World. Beth is also the author of the KPBS blog ‘Cinema Junkie’.

Aimee Krenz – Recap and reviews
Aimee Krenz is an Owner/Operator at Nathan Fillion FANS and Jeffrey Dean Morgan Fansite, and a source editor at MuggleNet. Krenz is a Book Review Blogger at Naked Pages. Proud Slytherin. Lover of television and film. She constantly live-tweets her favorite shows with unfiltered reactions, and she’s secretly dreaming of pursing a Film Continuity job.

Gary Murray – Photographer, videographer, and co-CEO
Gary Murray has freelanced as a videographer and photographer for About.com’s Hollywood Movies site.

Richard Chavez – Photographer and videographer
Richard Chavez has covered red carpets and celebrity events since the early 2000s and his still photos have been featured in dozens of outlets, including About.com.

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