Justin Timberlake Says Yes to Marine

It appears Mila Kunis won’t be the only Hollywood star heading to the Marine Corps Ball this November. After her Friends with Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake encouraged her to accept a date from Sgt. Scott Moore, it didn’t take long for a female Marine to extend an invitation to Timberlake.

Asked about what he thinks of the invitation from Kelsey De Santis, Timberlake told reporters at a Friends with Benefits press conference that he would say yes to being De Santis’ Marine Corp Ball date. “I’ll tell you what, I accept. But not because she shouted out one of my songs, which I do love when they do that because I’m shameless,” joked Timberlake. “And not because she had all those military guys behind her to try and intimidate me – although that probably would have worked by itself. I don’t get asked out ever, so I was very flattered by that. And I hear that she’s trained in martial arts so I’m hoping we can tussle at some point. That last part was a joke. But yeah, if my schedule works out I’d love to do it. It’s an honor.”

Check out the video of Timberlake saying yes:

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