Orlando Bloom Bids Farewell to The Hobbit


Orlando Bloom has put on his elf ears – at least officially – for the final time. Bloom is done with all things Hobbit, finishing up his last scene which Peter Jackson said involved a huge battle sequence. After completing his final Hobbit scene, and downing a few beers, he sang along with the 2006 viral hit “Taking the Hobbits to Isengard.”
Says Jackson:

A day after saying goodbye to Gandalf and Tauriel, it was time to farewell Legolas. What a great day it was, with Orlando battling a serious Orc for all 12 hours of shooting – part of the Battle of the 5 Armies for the third Hobbit movie. When we finally got the day done, we said goodbye to Orlando, had a couple of beers … and couldn’t resist doing this!”

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