Good Charlotte Guitarist Billy Martin Pens Vitriol The Hunter

Vitriol The HunterIDW Publishing announced they will be publishing the comic book series Vitriol The Hunter by Brent Allen and Good Charlotte’s Billy Martin. The first edition will arrive in early 2013 featuring art by Martin. Commenting on the new venture, Martin said, “This book has traveled everywhere I have on tour over the last few years. I’ve had a light table and art supplies set up on countless buses and hotel rooms across the world.”

“Billy and I have done numerous writing projects together and this is definitely our best work to date,” Allen said. “Being from Baltimore, Edgar Allan Poe is a hero of mine, and I can only hope to step foot in part of his shadow on this project. We are both really excited to hear how the readers take to the world we created.”

Martin is also working on a soundtrack which was inspired by Vitriol The Hunter. The soundtrack will mark the first official release under the name ‘Villain’ and will feature original music available for free inside the comic book.

The Plot:

Vitriol The Hunter is co-created by Martin and Allen, and draws on the folklore and old monster myths prevalent in today’s society, twisting them into a macabre-style story reminiscent of classic horror movies crossed with futuristic fantasy. A self-proclaimed vigilante, Vitriol embarks on a mission to protect his homeland from the malicious monsters that have overtaken it, led by a brutal tyrant vampire.

Set in the fictional city of Basilika in 2127, Vitriol The Hunter chronicles our hero’s journey as he encounters werewolves, hordes of hellions, and other walking myths. This new horror series is slated to run for six issues.

Source: IDW