‘By the Gun’ New Trailer and Poster Revealed Featuring Ben Barnes

Ben Barnes (Killing Bono), Leighton Meester, Harvey Keitel and Toby Jones star in the mafia drama By the Gun based on a true story and showing off a new trailer and poster today. Directed by James Mottern, Millennium Entertainment will release By the Gun in theaters and OnDemand/iTunes on December 5, 2014.

The Plot:

Written by Emilio Mauro, a Boston Native of Italian American descent based on real life dealings with the current state of the mafia in the Boston’s North End, By The Gun tells the gritty story of Nick Tortano (Ben Barnes), a smooth-talking, ambitious young man from the streets of Boston.

A good kid at heart, Nick got caught up in the street lifestyle he was exposed to while growing up in Boston’s North End. He began running with the wrong crowd and was soon fully immersed in a life of petty crime. The eldest son of two first generation Italian parents, Nick always felt the pressure to contribute to the family’s American dream, especially once that dream stopped making ends meet. After his mother passed, his father (Paul Ben-Victor) refused to accept his help financially, even though it was needed to help support his younger brother Vitto (Kenny Wormald). Nick never gained acceptance from his father, who looked down on Nick for his lifestyle.

The constant rejection from his father caused Nick to begin idolizing another, even tighter-knit, family who had no problem accepting him: the Boston mafia. Following a couple stints in jail, Nick began working with the organization to prove himself worthy of becoming a Made Man. Nick’s hard work finally paid off, catching the attention of the boss (Harvey Keitel) and securing himself a place on the inside.

His dream finally came true, but unfortunately, once inside, Nick quickly realizes that the mafia isn’t the powerhouse it used to be. A once well-respected and feared organization now seems more like a social club for aging gangsters. Frustrated, Nick decides to take matters into his own hands and help raise the organization’s status back up to where it should be. With the help of his best friend George (Slaine), Nick starts going behind the boss’ back to find new ways to make money and expand the business. Nick is on top of the world. He has become well respected within the community, is making good money, and even met a girl (Leighton Meester) who is everything he has ever wanted; but his high doesn’t last long. He soon finds out that there are things he doesn’t understand going on behind his back, and although his intentions were good, making his own rules and running with a wildcard like George lands him and those around him in grave danger, ultimately costing him everything.

By the Gun Trailer and Poster
Poster for ‘By the Gun’ starring Ben Barnes

-By Rebecca Murray

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