Chronicle Trailer Debuts


Chronicle is a superhero movie with a twist, a ‘found footage’ film about teens who obtain special powers and then are unsure what to do with them. The movie won’t be released until February 3, 2012, but you can check out the first trailer now – although it appears to me that they’ve given away a large part of the story so don’t watch if you don’t really want to know everything about the film…
The Official Synopsis:
“Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to their developing uncanny powers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantage, their lives start to spin out of control, and their darker sides begin to take over.”
Chronicle was written by Max Landis (John Landis’ son), directed by Joshua Trank, and stars Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B Jordan and Michael Kelly.
Watch the trailer:



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