‘Love, Gilda’ New Trailer and Poster: An In-Depth Look at the Life of Gilda Radner

Magnolia Pictures and CNN Films have released the full trailer for the documentary, Love, Gilda. The film focuses on the life and career of Gilda Radner, best known for creating a memorable collection of characters (including Roseanne Roseannadanna) on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. The documentary was directed by Lisa D’Apolito and produced by Bronwyn Berry, Meryl Goldsmith, and James Tumminia.

Love, Gilda includes new footage of Radner as well as audio of the beloved comedian who passed away on May 20, 1989 of ovarian cancer.

The 86 minute film also includes appearances by Andrew Alexander, Anne Beatts, Chevy Chase, Bill Hader, Janis Hirsch, Judy Levy, Melissa McCarthy, Lorne Michaels, Laraine Newman, Marcus O’Hara, Amy Poehler, Michael Radner, Maya Rudolph, Stephen Schwartz, Paul Shaffer, Martin Short, Rosie Shuster, Cecily Strong, Jordan Walker-Perlman, Pam Zakheim, and Alan Zweibel.

Love, Gilda will open in theaters on September 21, 2018.

The Plot: Love, Gilda pens a unique window into the honest and whimsical world of beloved performer Gilda Radner, whose greatest role was sharing her story. Working with the Radner estate, D’Apolito unearthed a collection of diaries and personal audio and videotapes documenting her childhood, her comedy career, her relationships and ultimately, her struggles with cancer. These never-before-seen-or-heard footage and journal entries form the narrative spine of the documentary, allowing Gilda to tell her own story – through laughter and sometimes tears.

Love, Gilda Poster and Trailer