‘That Awkward Moment’ Blu-ray Review

That Awkward Moment Blu-ray Review

You know that awkward moment when the person you’re seeing assumes you’re in a “relationship” that you can’t remember ever agreeing to be in? Or how about those times when the person you’re occasionally dating begins a conversation with, “So…,” as in “So, where’s this heading?” “So, when are we going to make it official?” “So, should we change our relationship status on Facebook?” Or, “So, can you give me a key so I don’t have to knock on your door anymore?” The R-rated romantic comedy That Awkward Moment explores those particularly awkward times in your dating life when signals get crossed, feelings get hurt, and the person you’re sort of with walks away in a huff while leaving behind a string of cuss words in their wake.

Zac Efron (Neighbors), Miles Teller (soon to be seen in the Fantastic Four reboot), and Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station) team up for this occasionally raunchy comedy with a lot of heart. Written and directed by Mackenzie Davis, That Awkward Moment delivers the laughs because it’s relatable and because it features a talented ensemble who work well off of each other. With Imogen Poots and Jessica Lucas in supporting roles, this adult comedy isn’t one you should pop into your DVD player for relationship advice, but it isn’t a bad choice for a date night spent at home.

The Blu-ray Bonus Features:

Threesome: More Awkward Moments – Zac Efron, Michael B Jordan, and Miles Teller share a couch and share memories of making the film. The featurette shows off the friendship that developed between the three leads and why they worked so well as friends onscreen.

Moment of Truth: Behind the Scenes – Writer/director Tom Gormican talks about his personal experiences and how they helped inspire him to come up with That Awkward Moment.

Character Profiles – The three buddies and Imogen Poots’ characters each get a quick, surface-level profile in this short video.

Gag Reel – A decent collection of funny moments are included in this goofy gag reel that includes outtakes featuring all of the lead characters.


That Awkward Moment is rated R for sexual content and language throughout and is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. Shop for it at Amazon.com.

By Rebecca Murray

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