‘The Big Year’ – Trailer, Photos, Plot and Cast Info

Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson in The Big Year
Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson in 'The Big Year' - © 20th Century Fox

Starring: Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson [full cast list under the ‘Cast’ tab] Directed By: David Frankel
Release Date: October 14, 2011
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 100 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG for language and some sensuality
News: Virtual birds invade the internet

Official Synopsis: Everyone is searching for something – and Stu Preissler (Steve Martin), Brad Harris (Jack Black) and Kenny Bostick (Owen Wilson) are determined to not only find their “something,” but to be the very best at it. Like this intrepid, continent-trotting trio, most of us dream about being at the top – whether it be as the supreme athlete, the best-selling author, or maybe the award-winning artist. It can be anything, but ideally it’s something you’re passionate about.

For Stu, Brad and Kenny, that means being the world’s greatest….birder.

In The Big Year, an extraordinary race becomes a transformative journey for wealthy industrialist Stu, computer code-writer Brad, and successful contractor Kenny, who race across the continent on a Big Year, a whirlwind competition to see who can spot the most species of birds in North America within one calendar year.

[tabs style=”default” title=”‘The Big Year’ Resources”] [tab title=”Cast List”] Jack Black – ‘Brad Harris’
Owen Wilson – ‘Kenny Bostick’
Steve Martin – ‘Stu Preissler’
Rosamund Pike – ‘Jessica’
John Cleese – ‘Historical Montage Narrator’
JoBeth Williams – ‘Edith’
Kevin Pollak – ‘Jim Gittelson’
Joel McHale – ‘Barry Loomis’
Paul Campbell – ‘Tony’
Dianne Wiest – ‘Brenda’
Zahf Paroo – ‘Prasad’
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Owen Wilson, Steve Martin, and Jack Black in The Big Year
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