First Look: The Human Race Trailer

The Human Race Poster Starring Eddie McGeeWow, Eddie McGee in a horror movie? And for those of you shaking your head and asking, “Who’s Eddie McGee?,” don’t feel left out. It’s fair to assume a large percentage of moviegoers have no idea who McGee is. But for those who caught the first season of America’s version of Big Brother on CBS, you’ll remember McGee as the amputee who won over TV viewers and then ultimately won the first season on the show. We haven’t heard much about him since, but apparently he’s been spending some time back in front of the cameras to star in the horror film The Human Race for writer/director Paul Hough (The Backyard).
The cast of The Human Race also includes Paul McCarthy-Boyington (Altered), Trista Robinson, Richard Gale, and Domiziano Arcangeli.
The Plot:
In The Human Race a group of 80 people are ripped out of their daily lives and all re-appear in an undisclosed location. These people are from all walks of life: young and old, athletic and disabled, white-collared and homeless. The rules to a race boom in their heads, in their own voice and language, laying out what will become a horrific race of terror: “If you are lapped twice, you die. If you step off the path, you die. If you touch the grass, you will die. Race…or die.”
Watch the trailer:


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