Bon Jovi Song Chosen as North America‘s Theme Song

Swift Fox shown in North America

Swift Fox as pictured in 'North America' - Photo by Discovery Channel

Bon Jovi’s “Army of One” has been chosen to be the theme song for the Discovery Channel’s new series, North America. Announcing the new Bon Jovi song as the show’s theme song, Eileen O’Neill, Group President of Discovery Channel and TLC stated: “Bon Jovi’s ‘Army of One’ captures the daring, wild spirit of Discovery’s upcoming landmark television event that presents our homeland as an extreme world all within one continent.”
Part one of the seven part North America series will air on Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 9pm.
The Details:
In this unforgettable television event, Discovery Channel turns the lens toward its homeland and captures a land where life collides with hostile, untamed wilderness in the most diverse, deadly environment on Earth. Traveling the continent for more than three years from the sub-zero Canadian tundra to the tropical rainforests of Panama, Discovery’s first, independently-produced natural history landmark series, North America, reveals that “survival of the fittest” is truly the law here amid threatening terrain and ferocious weather. Discovery’s determined production crew journeyed the span of North America including the frigid Yukon Territory, the lush forests of Belize, the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, the barren deserts of the American Southwest and more.

Source: Discovery Channel

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