Jimi Hendrix Continues to Influence Artists to This Day

Jimi Hendrix Experience

Jimi Hendrix is a transcendental artist who influenced – and continues to influence – a lot of people, from fans to fellow musicians, in a lot of ways. Today, his artistry lives on in the likes of singer-songwriters Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Jack White as well as U2 guitarist The Edge, just to name a few. This is what the magic of music does to people; it turns mere mortals into timeless icons that will be remembered forever. For Hendrix, his legend not only encompasses the basic four bars in music, but also a modern era already brimming with creativity and knowledge.

The Jimi Hendrix appeal lives on up to this day. In fact, one could argue that it’s more vivid, animated than it ever was before. Aside from having a distinct sound that takes listeners in sort of an out-of-this world experience, Hendrix’s overall persona is the subject of a range of visual art forms. From the renowned works of FineArtsAmerica, to a Jimi Hendrix Online Slot variant by UK-based gaming platform Pocketfruity, his genre-pushing ways redefined how people perceive music as just an auditory channel. Hendrix’s impact covers different facets of life, factors that are so immense and complex they resonate in the hearts of people who are fortunate enough to be moved by him.

All things considered, what’s even more amazing is how Jimi Hendrix accomplished all of these in just a short span of time. Many know how his brief yet meaningful four-year music career was cut short by an unfortunate incident. However, in his nearly half-a-decade reign in the industry, Rolling Stone considered Hendrix as one of the greatest artists of all time. In the article, John Mayer describes him as “one of those extraordinary hubs of music where everybody lands at some point. Every musician passed through Hendrix International Airport eventually.” Mayer perfectly puts it: “He is the common denominator of every style of popular music.”

In hindsight, Jimi Hendrix built a stable foundation in music with his groundbreaking methods, ahead-of-its-time tools, and avant-garde styles. Best of all, Jimi Hendrix blurred the lines of conventional wisdom and stayed true to his promise of being an artist who exceeds generations, race, and genres.

By Noah Fletcher