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The Academy’s sending Oscar statuettes out on a roadtrip in advance of the February 24, 2013 Academy Awards. The nationwide tour will begin in New York City on February 4th, making its way through at least nine other cities before ending up in Hollywood, CA for the big event.
The Oscar Roadtrip is the first of its kind, with movie fans actually getting the chance to hold an Oscar. No, you can not take it home. Yes, you can act like you’re delivering an acceptance speech.
Per the Academy’s announcement, social media will play a huge role in determining possible additional stops on the 21 day journey. Keep up with the roadtrip and suggest stops at @OscarRoadtrip, OscarRoadtrip.com and Facebook.com/TheAcademy.
“We created the Oscar Roadtrip to bring the magic and fun of the Oscar ceremony to movie fans across the country,” stated Josh Spector, managing director of digital media and marketing for the Academy. “The Oscar Roadtrip makes it possible to share the once-in-a-lifetime thrill that only comes from holding an Oscar statuette.”
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2013 Roadtrip Cities:

February 4 – New York
February 6 – Philadelphia
February 7 – Washington, D.C.
February 8 – Baltimore
February 11 – Chicago
February 13 – St. Louis
February 14 – Kansas City
February 17 – Houston
February 18 – Dallas
February 21 – Phoenix
February 24 – Hollywood
Source: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Posted by Rebecca Murray

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