ABC Cancels ‘Revenge’ After Four Seasons

ABC Cancels Revenge After Four Seasons

Emily VanCamp and Nick Wechsler in ‘Revenge’ (ABC / Richard Cartwright)

It appears Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp) won’t be seeking revenge on anyone else who’s wronged her after the final episode of Revenge‘s fourth season. EW broke the news, interviewing series executive producer Sunil Nayar who confirmed ABC opted not to renew the show for a fifth season. The season four finale airing on May 10, 2015 will be last new episode of the revenge drama.

“We can officially tell our fans that this will be the end of the story,” stated Nayar. However, it appears the fourth season’s final episode will tie up enough loose ends so that fans of the series who’ve been following Emily/Amanda won’t be left wondering whether Emily will ever have a happy ending.

“Now that everybody has seen the finale — which is fabulous — everybody understands that as much as we all adore the show, it has hit exactly the mark it needed to to end,” explained Nayar in the EW interview. Nayar said that while there’s a small cliffhanger in the final episode, the network and the show’s creative team felt season four (which included the death of Victoria Grayson) was a great way to end the show.

Revenge has seen its ratings dwindle from 10 million in season one to 4.5 million for its April 26th episode which was its best outing since March 15, 2015. And with the killing off of a key character who drove much of the show’s storyline, the writing was on the wall.

Season four’s finale is titled “Two Graves” and ABC has offered up this brief synopsis of the plot: “Backed into a corner, Emily is forced to admit her guilt, but she’ll have to decide how far she’ll go before admitting defeat.”

-By Rebecca Murray

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