‘American Gods’ Announces New York Comic Con Plans

American Gods New York Comic Con

Starz has confirmed the cast of American Gods will be hosting their first ever panel at the New York Comic Con. Cast members and executive producer/author Neil Gaiman will be participating in a panel in support of season two.

The American Gods panel will be held on Friday, October 5, 2018 from 1:30-2:30pm ET at the Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center. More details will be released closer to this year’s New York Comic Con.

The dramatic series is based on Neil Gaiman’s novel. The cast includes Ricky Whittle (The 100) as Shadow Moon, Ian McShane (Ray Donovan) as Mr. Wednesday, Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) as Laura Moon, Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black) as Mad Sweeney, Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow) as Mr. Nancy, Yetide Badaki (Masters of Sex) as Bilquis, Bruce Langley (Deadly Waters) as Technical Boy, Crispin Glover (Back to the Future) as Mr. World, Cloris Leachman (Raising Hope) as Zorya Vechernyaya, Peter Stormare (Fargo) as Czernobog, Mousa Kraish (Fast & Furious) as The Jinn, Omid Abtahi (Damien) as Salim, Chris Obi (Snow White and the Huntsman) as Anubis, and Demore Barnes (12 Monkeys) as Mr. Ibis.

New additions to season two include Dean Winters (Divorce) as Mr. Town, Devery Jacobs (Cardinal) as Sam Black Crow, and Kahyun Kim (Shameless) as New Media.

Season 2 Details: Following the epic showdown at Easter’s party, season two ups the ante with Mr. Wednesday continuing his quest to pitch the case for war to the Old Gods with Shadow, Laura and Mad Sweeney in tow. But when things don’t go as planned at the House on the Rock, they all find themselves on a haunting journey through middle America.

A Look Back at Season 1: When Shadow Moon is released from prison, he meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday and a storm begins to brew. Little does Shadow know, this storm will change the course of his entire life. Left adrift by the recent, tragic death of his wife, and suddenly hired as Mr. Wednesday’s bodyguard, Shadow finds himself in the center of a world that he struggles to understand. It’s a hidden world where magic is real, where the Old Gods fear both irrelevance and the growing power of the New Gods, like Technology and Media. Mr. Wednesday seeks to build a coalition of Old Gods to defend their existence in this new America, and reclaim some of the influence that they’ve lost. As Shadow travels across the country with Mr. Wednesday, he struggles to accept this new reality, and his place in it.