ABC Renews ‘BattleBots’ for Season Two

BattleBots Team Aptyx Designs
Team Aptyx Designs (BITE FORCE) on season 1 of ‘BattleBots’ (Photo © 2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc)

The robot competition series BattleBots will be back on ABC for a second season. The network just announced they’ve picked up the series from executive producers Lloyd Braun, Chris Cowan, Ed Roski, Greg Munson and Aaron Catling for season two, and viewers can expect bigger, faster, and stronger robots battling it out next year.

The first season earned high ratings, placing first in its Sunday night time slot with an average of 5.4 million viewers. And according to the network the series was a hit with young viewers, finishing its season one as the “top-rated broadcast show of the summer with Kids 2-11.”

The BattleBots Details:

The robots will again wage battle in a single elimination tournament until there is one champion. The tournament will double in size and feature an expanded field to include expert roboticists, garage builders, families on a mission, as well as past winners returning to defend their turf. Viewers will see new technologies, more destructive bots, and even the possibility of drones and flying battlebots. The tournament will be open invitation with the bots and builders casting process beginning immediately.