Big Brother Winner Revealed

Big BrotherStop reading now if you don’t want to know who was crowned the winner of the 14th season of Big Brother
After 75 days of game-playing, back-stabbing, and competitions, it all came down to the final three: Dan Gheesling, Danielle Murphree, and Ian Terry. In the end it wasn’t even close. The final Head of Household competition involved guessing how the members of the Big Brother jury answered questions, with Ian emerging the winner and claiming the title of final HOH. After booting Danielle, it became a battle between Dan and Ian to win over the seven members of the jury.
Jury members were given the opportunity to ask Dan and Ian questions, and when the dust settled the Big Brother season 14 winner was announced. Ian Terry is now $500,000 richer after a vote of 6-1 (with Danielle giving Dan his only vote).
Also emerging richer for his efforts, Frank Eudy was named “America’s Favorite Player” and received $25,000.
Source: CBS
Posted by Rebecca Murray