Carrie Underwood Joins Sunday Night Football

Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood - Photo Credit: NBC Sports Group
Pink performed it during the 2006 season and Faith Hill has taken on “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” since then, however for the upcoming NFL season it will be Carrie Underwood who’ll be seen each week getting the audience pumped up for the game. Underwood will make her Sunday Night Football premiere on Sunday, September 8, 2013 prior to the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants game.
SNF producer Fred Gaudelli explained that Hill had called him in February and said it was time for her to “pass the torch.” He only had one person in mind following Hill’s departure: Carrie Underwood. Announcing Underwood as the new singer, Gaudelli said, “Carrie Underwood was our first and only choice to perform the Sunday Night Football opening. She’s one of America’s most popular entertainers and the perfect fit for our show.”
And during a press conference about her new gig, Underwood said, “I’m very excited. I think it’s a perfect fit and I am such a sports fan and football fan, and we love Sunday nights around my household, so for me to be a part of it is something really special.”
Asked how she’ll adapt the song, Underwood replied, “Musically, it’s our first step. We definitely wanted to make it sound different and sound like me. Faith put her stamp on it for a long time and did such a wonderful job and it was totally Faith, she owned it. We wanted to be mindful of that and go in and change things up a little bit. So they’re actually going to be recording that here pretty soon, and then I’ll be able to go in to the studio and do what I do. And then everything after that visually, we’ll lock in. We have to get the song first. It’s the same song, same lyrics, but it’s going to be with my flair.”
And even though her husband Mike Fisher’s a professional hockey player, Underwood said he’s supportive of her involvement in the NFL. “He’s excited. He’s a sports dude. Yes, he plays hockey but he definitely loves football, as do I. He’s really excited. He’s got a lot of friends that play for different teams and I think me being a part of that with them and with a sport that he loves, I think it’ll just make it all the more better for him.”
Source: NBC

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