Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell Returns for Season Two

Chef Anne Burrell

Chef Anne Burrell, Four Seasons GM Mehdi Eftekari and Four Seasons Executive Chef Ashley James - Photo Courtesy of Food Network

Food Network is bringing back Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell for a 13-episode second season kicking off on January 31, 2013 at 10pm. The superstar chef will once again be putting chefs through a rigorous series of tests as she prepares them for potentially nabbing a job as executive chef in a prominent restaurant.
“Anne’s culinary savvy and tough love come together to put these aspiring Executive Chefs through the toughest job interview they’ll ever face,” stated Bob Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President Programming, Food Network. “She brings out the best in these chefs, and viewers can’t help but root for their success.”
The Details:
Over the thirteen-episode season, determined chefs from across the country are put through unpredictable culinary challenges. Whether it’s a test of their Italian scratch cooking skills and their knowledge of the regional cuisine at the immense Tuscan Kitchen in New Hampshire; assessing their ability to work with the scraps of high-end ingredients while creating a whole new menu for Mirabelle Restaurant in Los Angeles; or challenging their creativity by preparing a gourmet version of a traditional Puerto Rican dish for Oceano’s menu in Puerto Rico, each chef will devote blood, sweat and tears to prove to Anne that they are qualified to be Executive Chef.
Source: Food Network


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