Comedy Central Greenlights Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!

Comedy CentralComedy Central is moving forward on Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! from executive producers Zach Galifianakis, Mike Gibbons, and Dave Rath. The series will be the first-ever dramatic comedy show on the network, per Kent Alterman, President, Content Development and Original Programming, COMEDY CENTRAL.
Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! will involve 12 half-hour episodes and is set to premiere this coming summer.
“Brody may be fearless, but we are terrified…in a good way,” said Alterman, announcing the series.
“I’m as excited as I can be while on 300 milligrams of Lamictal,” added Stevens. “My life has always been about POSITIVE ENERGY and I’m looking forward to all of COMEDY CENTRAL’s fans following me on Twitter at @BrodyismeFriend.”
The Details:
Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! is a documentary series that follows the emotional rollercoaster life of stand-up comic Brody Stevens, the funniest comedian you’ve never heard of. The camera tracks Stevens as he pulls his life back together after suffering a mental breakdown that is witnessed by his fans and the world via Twitter. After spending time in the UCLA psych ward, Stevens is back on his meds and trying to mend his relationships as well as revive his stand-up and film career. He makes the rounds in LA, with pal Galifianakis and others in tow, including Sarah Silverman, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, trying to reconnect and reconcile with the close friends he let down. The series combines a mix of live stand-up footage, documentary footage and animation to enhance Stevens’ energetic and dramatic life story.
Source: Comedy Central

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