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Spike LogoSpike’s announced a new still-untitled series set to star magician Criss Angel. According to the network, the new show will take viewers behind the scenes and expose the design and execution of death-defying stunts. “Spike is thrilled to be able to showcase the amazing talents of Criss Angel, a perfect fit for our evolving adult brand. Criss has grown immeasurably as an artist and we are excited to give our viewers never-before granted access into the inner workings of his secret world and his mind,” stated Sharon Levy, Executive Vice President, original series, Spike TV.
In addition to starring in the series Criss will be executive producing the show. The network’s ordered 11 one-hour episodes and production will start this spring in Vegas.
Details on the Series:
For the first time ever in any magic programming, Criss will reveal the creative process beyond the magic as he lets the audience behind closed doors into the creative “think tank” where his team brainstorms, debates and prepares the most spectacular illusions in history. This unprecedented access will demonstrate the methods and secrets that go into designing, building and executing these incredible feats.
Viewers will also get a glimpse into Angel’s dangerous and mysterious life along with a host of new and intriguing characters and celebrity guests.
The episodes will be themed and focus on mind-blowing magic, the supernatural, death-defying escapes, and astonishing physical stunts that will challenge the very laws of nature.
Source: Spike TV
Posted by Rebecca Murray

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