The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack Arrives on July 17th

The Dark Knight Rises SoundtrackOscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer reunites with writer/director Christopher Nolan for the fourth time on The Dark Knight Rises: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack hitting stores on July 17th. The final episode of Nolan’s Batman trilogy hits theaters a few days later on July 20th.

According to WaterTower Music, the CD will contain a link to unlock three bonus tracks. A deluxe version of the soundtrack available digitally will include three additional tracks. And on September 4th, WaterTower Music will release a limited edition vinyl version.

And coming soon, Zimmer will be unveiling a new iPhone app for The Dark Knight Rises that will, per the press release, “provide fans with a more immersive musical and sonic experience into the world of Gotham City.”

“I thought after we finished the last one [The Dark Knight], that was it,” stated Zimmer. “There was nothing else we could possibly do. At the same time, when I started reading this script, I instantly knew that there was a whole world out there that I hadn’t even touched yet.”

“I have never worked with someone so dedicated to the idea that the real risk is in playing it safe,” said Nolan. “Hans taught me that you sometimes have to go in what appears to be the wrong direction to discover all the possibilities, and that without exploring those possibilities you can never do anything truly exceptional. He sets creative goals for every film that are higher than you ever thought practical…or even reachable.”

Zimmer added, “We’re comrades in arms, the way we try to cheer each other on and try to really do the best work we possibly can. And part of that is you have to be prepared to not hold back. You have to put everything into the movie.”

Source: WaterTower Music