Deadliest Catch Sets Sail for Season Nine

The Time Bandit in 'Deadliest Catch'
The Time Bandit in 'Deadliest Catch' - Photo by Jason Elias / Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel’s popular reality series Deadliest Catch will debut season nine on April 16, 2013 at 9pm. This season will follow seven skippers – Derrick Ray, Wild Bill” Wichrowski, Sig Hansen, Elliot Neese, Scott Campbell, Jr., Johnathan Hillstrand, and Keith Colburn – as they attempt to navigate the treacherous waters and freezing weather in order to land their share of a $100 million crab season.
Says Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen: “This year a lot of young guys are trying to get a start, make a name for themselves. When you’ve got guys that are hungry, that’s when things get nasty, that’s when the gloves are off. Especially when you’ve got experienced and inexperienced people playing in the same sandbox. That’s when it’s a war.”
And in addition to Deadliest Catch, Discovery will be airing a new one-hour pre-show series titled The Bait. Airing immediately before Deadliest Catch, The Bait will feature the captains talking about what to expect on that night’s episode.
Details on Season Nine:
“This season the seven skippers and their crew are fighting through hell and back again in search of King and Opilio crab. But as the fleet faces off with the raging sea, they are quick to realize, that sometimes the most violent storms can come from within.
Hansen, a 30-year veteran and a third generation fisherman, will match skills against his old rivals, Keith Colburn of the Wizard, the Hillstrand brothers on the Time Bandit and legendary Skipper Wild Bill Wichrowski who will return at the helm of the F/V Cape Caution. Young gun Captain Scott ‘Jr’ Campbell and his newly rebuilt Seabrooke will be there to defend his status as a legend. Meanwhile the youngest skipper in the fleet, Elliott Neese is all in this year as he returns as the owner of his own boat, the F/V Saga. With over $1 million dollars in the hole and ten bucks to his name the stakes have never been higher for Neese.
While the skippers wage war for crab supremacy, the youth seek opportunity. Time Bandit Deckhand Josh Harris attempts to keep his father’s fishing legacy alive, while on the Northwestern both Edgar Hanson and Jake Anderson’s quest for a captain’s chair becomes closer to reality.”
Source: Discovery Channel

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