Discovery Channel 2017 Summer Programming Schedule

Discovery Channel Naked and Afraid
Danielle and Charlie coming ashore from the river off the raft they built in Colombia in ‘Naked and Afraid’ (Photo Credit: Discovery Channel)

Discovery Channel has released details on its upcoming slate of summer programming which will include the introduction of Manhunt: UNABOMBER and First in Human, as well as the return of Naked and Afraid and Alaskan Bush People. Manhunt is a new anthology series that follows the hunt for the Unabomer, Ted Kaczynski. The network’s First in Human is a documentary series narrated by The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons.

The 2017 summer schedule also includes the premiere of Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman narrated by Tom Brokaw and the debut of the unscripted survival series, Darkness.

Discovery Channel 2017 Summer Programming

DEADLIEST CATCH: LEGEND OF WILD BILL – Special airing Tuesday, June 6 at 8 PM ET/PT

DEADLIEST CATCH fans know Wild Bill as the tough talking captain who isn’t afraid of taking risks. A hired gun since 1975, Wild Bill gambled a small fortune to buy the crab vessel. But being a boat owner, brings boat owner problems. This 1-hour special follows the legendary captain who – for the first time in the show’s history – will have skin of his own in the game.

DEVIL’S CANYON – All new series premieres Tuesday, June 6 at 10 PM ET/PT

Deep in the bush of British Columbia there is a new gold rush happening in area known as Devil’s Canyon. Hundreds of millions of dollars in gold are waiting for anyone who is willing to risk their life to get it. Extreme prospectors Boyce Goff, Ben van der Valk and John Belchik travel separately into the areas of Devil’s Canyon that are far beyond the reach of big mining companies, in search of the next big pay streak. No roads, no trails, no camera crew, no help. It’s man vs. nature in one of the harshest environments on Earth, all for the chance to steal the Devil’s gold.

ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE – Returns Wednesday, June 14 at 9 PM ET/PT

Alaskan Bush People follows the Brown family as they are determined to harness 34 years of wilderness experience to reclaim their dream of living free.

HOMESTEAD RESCUE – All-new season premieres Wednesday, June 14 at 10 PM ET/PT

For the hundreds of families who decide to move entirely off-grid, the learning curve is a steep one. Even the most resourceful and determined families often succumb to their first winter, monsoon or drought season. That’s where the Raney family steps in. Father and builder Marty Raney – flanked by farmer daughter Misty and son Matt, an expert hunter and fisherman – teach homesteading hopefuls the off-the-grid basics and prepare them for nature’s worst. At the end of the day, the prospects must heed lessons to learn and survive on their own or give up their dream forever.

THROWBACK WEEKEND – Programming Stunt Coming to Discovery Channel June 17 at 7 PM ET/PT

Discovery Channel is turning back the clocks to revisit some of the most iconic series in television history. Packed with nostalgia, THROWBACK WEEKEND revisits epic experiments and maverick mechanics with original episodes of Mythbusters and Monster Garage.

DIESEL BROTHERS: THE DOUBLE HEADER – Special premieres Monday, June 19 at 9 PM ET/PT

Heavy D, Diesel Dave, Redbeard and The Muscle have built an empire with DieselSellerz, bringing extreme tricked out trucks to fans across America. Internet sensations, the team showcase crazy pranks and stunt driving to their loyal followers. They work hard and play hard, but this time they’re taking their diesel game to the ballpark… with Detroit Tigers’ superstar Miguel Cabrera and MLB Network analysts Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez and former All-Star Carlos Peña. The two-night special, DIESEL BROTHERS: THE DOUBLE HEADER, premieres on Monday, June 19th at 9pm ET/PT and concludes on Thursday, June 22nd at 9PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel. The special will also air in Spanish on Discovery Español on June 19 and June 26 at 10pm ET/PT.

MOSQUITO – New documentary special premieres July 6

Shot on four continents and featuring insights from some of the world’s leading experts, including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention former Director Tom Frieden, MOSQUITO sounds the alarm about the deadliest animal in the world highlighting the immense international efforts that will be required to stop it in its tracks.

SHARK WEEK – Premieres Sunday, July 23 at 7 PM ET/PT

As television’s longest running summer event, from exotic, unexplored locations to incredible breaches and shark sonograms, SHARK WEEK has given viewers extensive insight into the mysterious world of sharks – taking them where cameras have never been before. Along the way, Shark Week has built a community of scientists, including Craig O’Connoll, Neil Hammerschlag, and Tristan Gutteridge, who have come on board to share science-based shark stories and exciting shark research from the field. Discovery will employ new technology, from genetic profiling to miniaturized camera tags, to peer more deeply into the shark ecosystem. The shows of the 30th anniversary will combine the best of science and technology to capture the fascinating and misunderstood behavior of sharks. Whether looking for the largest great white sharks deep in the ocean, or exploring for strange new shark species, Shark Week 2017 will deep dive into the secret lives of sharks, and find better ways to share the oceans we co-inhabit.

DARKNESS – All new series coming this July

This all-new series takes the survival genre to the next level. Inspired by extreme training scenarios conducted by the U.S. Military, Department of Defense, and NASA, three strangers each episode will push themselves to their absolute limits in complete darkness – enduring days buried underground while navigating prehistoric cave systems, ancient subterranean cities and centuries-old abandoned mines.

Manhunt: UNABOMBER – The 2-hour series premiere begins Tuesday, August 1 at 9 PM ET/PT

Manhunt: UNABOMBER tells the dramatic and gripping true story of the FBI’s hunt for the Unabomber, the deadliest serial bomber in history. The story focuses on FBI Agent and Criminal Profiler Jim “Fitz” Fitzgerald (played by Sam Worthington), who pioneered the use of forensic linguistics to identify and ultimately capture the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski (Paul Bettany). As a fresh faced Criminal Profiler and the newest member of the Unabom Task Force (UTF), Fitz faced an uphill battle not just against the Unabomber – one of the most sophisticated and brilliant criminals in history – but also against the bureaucracy of the UTF itself as his maverick ideas and new approaches were dismissed by the system.

MANHUNT: UNABOMBER is produced by John Goldwyn, serving as consultant to Discovery, Lionsgate, Discovery Channel and Trigger Street Productions. Emmy(R) Award-winning television producer and director Greg Yaitanes will executive produce, direct and serve as showrunner and Andrew Sodroski, whose “Holland, Michigan” topped Hollywood’s famed Black List for screenplays in 2013, created the series and serves as an Executive Producer. Jim Fitzgerald will serve as Consulting Producer.

FIRST IN HUMAN – All new documentary series premieres August 10

From the first use of chemotherapy for cancer, lithium for depression, and immunosuppressive therapy for lupus, NIH’S Building 10 has been at the forefront of the world’s medical breakthroughs. FIRST IN HUMAN is an unprecedented look inside Building 10, the nation’s largest research hospital, where the medicine of tomorrow is made. The three-part documentary series explores the lives of the doctors, researchers, and patients who together make progress possible in this cutting-edge testing ground.

The series is narrated by Emmy(R), Golden Globe(R), and Critics Choice(R) winning actor Jim Parsons, directed by Emmy winner John Hoffman, and executive produced by Hoffman and Emmy winner Dyllan McGee.

RANCHER, FARMER, FISHERMAN – An official selection of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival premieres August 31

From the Montana Rockies to the Kansas wheat fields and the Gulf of Mexico, families who work the land and sea are crossing political divides to find unexpected ways to protect the natural resources vital to their livelihoods. Narrated by award-winning journalist Tom Brokaw and directed by Emmy(R)-winning and Oscar-nominated Susan Froemke and Emmy(R)-winning filmmaker John Hoffman, the film is based on Miriam Horn’s book, Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman: Conservation Heroes of the American Heartland.


The television pop culture phenomenon is upping the ante and changing the game with the most real, raw, dangerous and insane moments you won’t see anywhere else on television. Last season, America’s #1 cable survival show garnered over 47M viewers P2+ and this year’s twists and turns promise to deliver naked and extreme television. Each week on NAKED AND AFRAID, meet a new man and woman as they take on the toughest survival challenge out there. Will these survivalists have the emotional strength and drive to endure these grueling conditions and find out what they’re made of? Watch as each couple battles the elements, each other, and their own inner weaknesses to see who will triumph over the terrain, or fail under the force of nature.

On NAKED AND AFRAID XL this season, only 9 survivalists have been selected to conquer the elements and tasked to survive in one of the most grueling and merciless environments on earth… The Amazon. Not only will they need to tackle and overcome this unforgiving terrain, but they need to do so for six weeks, 40 days.

CARSPOTTING – All new series coming this summer

Entrepreneurial brothers Carlos and Pedro, coupled with their car savant and best friend Niko, are in the business of re-glorifying the holy grails of American muscle cars. The trio hunt, restore, and sell these abandoned relics in a remote region of the Pacific Northwest, a hidden region for car-hunting gurus. The experts dig around remote locations for classic cars that have been left for dead, and are determined to find the most sought after hidden cars and make huge profits doing it.

GARAGE REHAB – All new series coming this summer

Richard Rawlings is the owner of several successful businesses including Gas Monkey Garage a world-renowned hot rod shop and Gas Monkey Bar and Grill. Now, he’s ready to help other business owners find that same success. So, he’s traveling the country in search of struggling automotive and motorcycle shops that are desperate for cash and on the brink of failure. Will Richard and his team be able to save a struggling garage from closing its doors forever?

MISFIT GARAGE – Returns this summer on Discovery

An all-new season of FAST N’ LOUD spin-off series MISFIT GARAGE revs up with bigger builds and more drama when it returns to Discovery this summer. From FAST N’ LOUD producer Pilgrim Media Group, MISFIT GARAGE follows the crew at Fired Up Garage who joined forces to create their own hot rod start-up rivaling FAST N’ LOUD‘s Richard Rawlings and his mega-successful Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas. The crew wants to prove once and for all that they’re the best and make Fired Up the #1 shop in the world for custom street rods. But things don’t always go so smoothly.