Anti-Talking and Texting During Movies Contest Details

Alamo Drafthouse LogoAlamo Drafthouse is presenting the “Don’t Talk or Text During Movies” contest, asking budding filmmakers and movie fans to create PSAs to help eradicate the annoying moviegoing experience.
Alamo Drafthouse has a strict “No Talking, No Texting” policy and now they’re involving concerned film fans in helping to communicate their zero-tolerance policy. According to Alamo Drafthouse, the guidelines and rules are relatively simple:
– Your video must have the “Don’t Talk or Text During Movies” theme.
– Your video must contain the Alamo Drafthouse logo which can be found here:
– Your video must be suitable for audiences PG-13 or under, no nudity or profanity.
– Your video cannot have any violence or weapons present.
– Your video should be no longer than 60 seconds in length.
Videos must be submitted by November 21, 2012. All of the videos will be available on Badass Digest until 12pm CST November 28th. Winners will be selected in each of the Alamo Drafthouse markets: Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Kansas City and Winchester. Once online voters express their opinions, judges (including Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League) will take over and decide who wins.
What do the lucky winners receive? Each market winner will get a “$200 Alamo gift card and their video will be screened before movies in their local Alamo Drafthouse location. The Grand Prize winner will receive a $1,000 Visa gift card and their video will be screened before movies at Alamo Drafthouse locations nationwide.”
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Source: Alamo Drafthouse