Haven Adds Emma Lahana and Christian Camargo

Haven Adds Emily Lahana and Christian CamargoThe fourth season of Syfy’s Haven will feature guest starring appearances by Emma Lahana (Hellcats) and Christian Camargo (Dexter), as just announced by the network. The two will be featured as recurring guest stars when the series returns on September 13, 2013 at 10pm.
According to Syfy, Haven‘s fourth season will take place six months after the end of season three. And in case you don’t remember what happened, there was a meteor storm and Audrey and Duke mysteriously disappeared.
Per Syfy, Emma Lahana will play Jennifer Mason, “an eccentric, energetic and just a bit off-kilter young lady who gets pulled into Haven’s mysteries when she starts hearing strange voices in her head. These voices lead her to crossing paths with a town fixture who suspects her ‘condition’ could produce valuable clues about Audrey Parker’s (Emily Rose) whereabouts. As Jennifer digs into her own personal history, she discovers she may have a bigger role to play in the strange happenings in Haven.”
Christian Camargo is tackling the role of Wade Crocker, “the estranged half-brother of Haven mainstay Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour). Charming, driven, and slightly devious, Wade is a successful and good-natured businessman who seems to be at the top of his game. But, Wade is a Crocker through and through and could be tempted by a dark and lethal family secret that just may be his undoing.”
Source: Syfy

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