‘Feed the Beast’ Shows Off a New Poster

Feed the Beast Poster

AMC’s unveiled a poster for the upcoming series Feed the Beast starring David Schwimmer (The People v O.J. Simpson) and Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas, The Way Back). The upcoming series based on the Danish series Bankerot is executive produced by showrunner Clyde Phillips (Dexter) and will premiere on May 31, 2016 at 10pm ET/PT. Henrik Ruben Genz, Malene Blenkov, and Piv Bernth are also executive producing.

The Plot: Feed the Beast tells the story of Tommy (Schwimmer) and Dion (Sturgess) who are like brothers. With all the love – and all the complications – that comes with it. Dion can’t stay out of trouble. Tommy can’t move past it. For two friends on the brink of losing everything, a dusty pipe dream of opening up an upscale restaurant in their hometown of the Bronx is all they have left to turn their lives around.

Michael Gladis plays Patrick Woichik, aka The Tooth Fairy, the soft spoken, brutally intimidating local mobster with a penchant for pulling teeth. Lorenza Izzo is Pilar Herrera, a woman who meets Tommy in a grief group, and is desperately searching for true love. Christine Adams takes on the role of Tommy’s late wife Rie Moran. John Doman is Tommy’s father Aidan Moran, a shrewd and ruthless businessman and unapologetic racist. And Elijah Jacob will play Tommy’s ten year old son TJ Moran.