TV Land Debuts Forever Young in April 2013


TV LandTV Land’s ready to either turn generations against each other or have them reach a better understanding of one another with the new unscripted series, Forever Young. Coming to the network on April 3, 2013, the half-hour six-episode series features five people under the age of 30 and five people over the age of 70 sharing a house and – hopefully – learning from each other.
The series is from Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg’s Katalyst (Punk’d) and Eyeworks USA.
Announcing the premiere, TV Land President Larry W Jones stated: “As TV Land continues to produce original series, we are broadening our horizons and looking at both scripted and unscripted shows. Forever Young is the perfect example of what TV Land values in its original programming: an intriguing concept with humor and heart at its core.”
The Plot:
Forever Young chronicles five seniors – Lou, Emileen, Eugene, Shirley and Arthur – and five “juniors” – Mike, Christian, Andree, Sam and Angelina – as they embark on a journey to try to identify with the other generation. Teaching seniors how to master the techniques of beer pong and explaining to juniors that you can’t zoom in on a paper map may be more difficult than originally thought. Will the generation gap prove too big to cross with attitudes like “I can’t learn anything from you” flowing freely in the house?
Through tasks that will bond or break them, the housemates will learn to open up and share more of themselves with their counterparts than they ever thought possible. The generations may differ in fashion, technology, lifestyle and etiquette, but they will both learn at least one thing: how to stay “Forever Young.”
Source: TV Land

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