Fox Doesn’t Plan on Further Visits to ‘Utopia’

Fox Cancels Utopia Season 1
Taylor, Nikki, Josh, Aaron, Jessica, Cal, Rob, Dedeker, Bri, Mike, Kristen, Ernesto, Bella, Amanda, Hex, and Jonathan pose for a wedding photo in UTOPIA (Photo © 2014 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

Both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting Fox has decided to end season one of the reality series Utopia about 10 months earlier than originally planned. The series, which followed 15 people forced to create a new society from scratch, premiered on September 7, 2014 and was supposed to air twice a week. Low ratings made Fox opt for a once-a-week airing instead, and now after two months of continued disappointing ratings the network will be abandoning the show altogether.

In addition to Friday night episodes, viewers into the series were able to watch the Utopia community online. That live stream will also be ending when Fox pulls the plug on the series.

The series has been leaking viewers since its premiere and the most recent episode was watched by just 1.5 million viewers.

Utopia is based on the Danish show and was created by John de Mol (The Voice). According to THR, Fox will be ending the show immediately, with the live stream finishing up on Sunday, November 2nd.

-By Rebecca Murray

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