‘Ghost Hunters’ and ‘Paranormal Witness’ Renewed by Syfy

Ghost Hunters 2015
Dustin Pari, Samantha Hawes, KJ McCormick, Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves, and Jason Hawes in ‘Ghost Hunters’ (Photo by: Cheryl Senter / Syfy)

Syfy wants more of the unscripted paranormal series Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness. The network’s officially renewed both shows for the 2016 season, with Ghost Hunters returning for season 11 and Paranormal Witness for its fifth season. Both shows will wrapped up their current seasons on November 18, 2015 and both series will have 13 new episodes in their upcoming seasons.

In addition to announcing the renewals, Syfy provided details on Ghost Hunters season 11 and Paranormal Witness season five:

In Season 11 of Ghost Hunters, TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) founder Jason Hawes will lead investigations at reportedly haunted locations including the Cleveland, Ohio’s Midwest Railway Preservation Society, believed to be tied to the notorious, unsolved Cleveland Torso Murderer serial killer case; Crown Point, Indiana’s Old Lake County Jail, famed for being home to gangster John Dillinger…until he escaped; and the Toledo Yacht Club in Toledo, Ohio, said to be haunted by a boy who died over a century ago.

The fifth season of Paranormal Witness: True Terror will delve deeper into actual horror stories, while continuing to feature eyewitness accounts of the most frightening and compelling first person accounts of paranormal encounters, alongside dramatic reenactments of those experiences.