Ghost Mine Will Be Back Spooking Audiences

Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman from Ghost Mine
Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman from 'Ghost Mine' (Photo by: Syfy)
Syfy’s paranormal series Ghost Mine has been renewed for a second season. And for those who haven’t caught on to the series yet, the unscripted show takes viewers deep into Eastern Oregon’s Crescent Mine to hunt for ghosts and gold.
Season two will kick off a 12 episode run in September 2013. Ghost Mine‘s first season scared up 1.25 million total viewers which was good enough to earn it a spot in the Top 10 original cable broadcast race on Wednesday nights at 10pm.
Details on Season 2:
For Season 2, the rag-tag team of gold miners and pair of paranormal investigators will return to Eastern Oregon’s Crescent Mine to continue their quest for gold and evidence of ghosts at the notoriously haunted mine. Located near the historic gold mining community of Sumpter, Oregon, the Crescent Mine is believed to contain high amounts of gold.
Each hour-long episode of the new season will feature the Ghost Mine crew battling the elements in hopes of striking it rich while delving further into the mysterious history of the Crescent Mine and revealing new information about the recurring Masonic symbols, Native American presence and a spirit named “Joe.” While the miners use the time-honored tools of their trade – including pickaxes and explosives – the paranormal investigators will introduce special new techniques and innovative gear to capture activity, including a revamped version of the popular RIPA (Remote Investigator of Paranormal Activity).
Source: Syfy

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