‘Here and Now’ April 2018 Episodes Guide: Plots and Air Dates

Here and Now April 2018 Episodes
Holly Hunter in ‘Here and Now’ episode 7 (Photo by Ali Paige Goldstein/HBO)

The HBO dramatic series Here and Now finishes up its first season run with three new episodes airing in April 2018. The one-hour drama comes from Alan Ball (True Blood, Six Feet Under), with Ball, Peter Macdissi (The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks), and David Knoller (Big Love) executive producing.

Here and Now stars Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins. The cast includes Jerrika Hinton (Grey’s Anatomy), Daniel Zovatto (Don’t Breathe), Raymond Lee (Mozart in the Jungle), Sosie Bacon (The Closer), Andy Bean (Power), Joe Williamson (Looking), and Peter Macdissi (Six Feet Under).

The Season 1 Plot: On the surface, the Bayer-Boatwrights of Portland, Ore. are the model of a progressive, multiracial family. Greg is a respected philosophy professor and author; his wife, Audrey, is a former therapist turned conflict-resolution consultant for middle and high schools. Greg and Audrey have three adopted children, Ashley, Duc and Ramon, and a biological daughter, Kristen. But as Audrey prepares for Greg’s 60th birthday party, deep cracks begin to appear in the domestic façade, threatening to upend their very way of life, and they are eventually forced to take Ramon to Dr. Farid Shokrani, a Muslim psychiatrist with demons of his own.

Greg (Tim Robbins) and Audrey (Holly Hunter) adopted three children from different countries and backgrounds in an effort to create a family that reflects the multicultural potential of the country. The Colombian-born Ramon (Daniel Zovatto), who’s starting a relationship with Henry (Andy Bean), a barista, begins therapy with Dr. Farid Shokrani (Peter Macdissi) after hallucinogenic encounters with the numbers “11:11.” Duc (Raymond Lee), adopted from Vietnam, enjoys the fruits of a lucrative career as a “motivational architect,” but his celibacy troubles the family.

Liberian-born Ashley (Jerrika Hinton), who runs a retail-fashion business, begins to struggle with her identity as an African-American woman in modern-day America and is finding more and more reason to shake up her marriage with her husband, Malcolm (Joe Williamson). And Kristen (Sosie Bacon), the youngest child at 17, chafes at her banal life and heritage, especially compared to her more exotic siblings.

Here and Now April 2018 Episodes:

  • Episode #8: “Yes”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, APRIL 1 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)
    Rebuffed by Ramon (Daniel Zovatto), Farid (Peter Macdissi) finds his growing obsessions disrupting his career and his marriage. After Audrey (Holly Hunter) turns the tables on her husband, Greg (Tim Robbins), he makes a vivid point about life’s meaning during a lecture. Ramon and Duc (Raymond Lee) turn to Carmen (Fernanda Andrade) for clarity during difficult times. Ashley (Jerrika Hinton) is unsettled by a boutique interloper. Kristen (Sosie Bacon) and Navid (Marwan Salama) plot their revenge on Madison (Madeline Bertani) and her pals.
    Written by Nancy Oliver; directed by Janicza Bravo.
  • Episode #9: “Dream Logic”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, APRIL 8 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)
    Greg (Tim Robbins) and Audrey (Holly Hunter) uncover unpleasant truths about Ramon’s (Daniel Zovatto) adoption. Kristen (Sosie Bacon) and Navid (Marwan Salama) embrace their rare connection, but pay a price. Audrey has second thoughts about Steve (Tim DeKay) after his true intentions are exposed. Ashley (Jerrika Hinton) considers a lucrative business offer as the chasm between her, Malcolm (Joe Williamson) and Hailey (Avynn Crowder-Jones) widens. The family celebrates a landmark birthday with cold pizza and honesty.
    Written by Charles Yu; directed by Minkie Spiro.
  • Episode #10: “It’s Here” (season finale)
    Debut date: SUNDAY, APRIL 15 (9:00-10:00 p.m.)
    Ramon (Daniel Zovatto) goes missing after a disturbing family incident. Audrey (Holly Hunter) clashes with Steve (Tim DeKay) during and after a morning talk show. Ashley (Jerrika Hinton) and Malcolm (Joe Williamson) weigh the pros and cons of a corporate future. Farid’s (Peter Macdissi) guilt drives him to extremes, damaging his family ties. Greg (Tim Robbins) gets enlightenment during a visit with Audrey’s brother Ike (Ted Levine). A cataclysmic event shakes the family to its core.
    Written by Alan Ball; directed by Jeremy Podeswa.