Hulu Gets Into Original Scripted Programming

Hulu' Battleground
Hulu's Battleground - Photo by Pamela Littky
Hulu isn’t satisfied to just stream network shows anymore. The online video destination site is dipping its toes in the original scripted series arena, with its first series – Battleground – debuting on February 14th (because you hear ‘battleground’ and you immediately think of Valentine’s Day, right?).
The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb is executive producing the series along with JD Walsh and Hagai Shaham.
Hulu’s also bringing Morgan Spurlock’s A Day in the Life back for a second season in March. And writer/director Richard Linklater’s first episodic documentary series, Up to Speed, will debut on Hulu this summer.
Hulu’s senior vice president of content Andy Forssell made the announcement, stating, “JD Walsh, Morgan Spurlock and Richard Linklater are each smart and distinctive storytellers with very specific points of view. Their creative chops are what make for great TV – each have that certain something that makes viewers not just love their shows but also tell their friends to go and watch them. Couple this extraordinary storytelling with the Hulu platform – which has proven to be an efficient way of connecting engaged audiences with shows they truly love – and it pays off in a big way for creators, viewers and advertisers alike.
More on Battleground [Courtesy of Hulu]:
Hulu’s first original scripted series Battleground is set in the world of political campaigns in the battleground state of Wisconsin. Advancing the faux documentary-style workplace dramedy, Battleground explores the behind-the-scenes chaos of an unruly band of campaign workers and volunteers who leave behind ordinary lives for the madhouse. It’s about life on the campaign trail and the people who are drawn to it. Running the campaign of a distant third-place candidate, campaign manager Chris “Tak” Davis needs a team that is aggressive, smart and driven…or available. As the Wisconsin senate race begins to take on national implications, Tak must overcome corrupt politicians, staff in fighting, and his own personal vices to win the primary – all while a camera crew follows his every move.
The Battleground cast includes Jay Hayden (“Chris ‘Tak’ Davis”); Teri Reeves (“Kara ‘KJ’ Jamison”); Jack DeSena (“Cole Graner”); Ben Samuel (“Ben Werner”); Lindsey Payne (“Lindsey Cutter”); Jordan T. Maxwell (“Jordan T. Mosley”) and Alison Haislip (“Ali Laurents”).
More on A Day In The Life [Courtesy of Hulu]:
The first season of Morgan Spurlock’s A Day in the Life documented the ordinary lives of extraordinary people, from multi-platinum musician and music sensation Girl Talk to street artist Mr. Brainwash and mogul Sir Richard Branson. Hulu renews its successful first original series to deliver 10 new episodes of A Day in the Life. For season two, Spurlock captures the daily routines of highly motivated individuals as they follow their passions, including actor Joel McHale, comedian Marc Maron and UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller, among others.
More on Up to Speed [Courtesy of Hulu]:
Filmmaker Richard Linklater, best known for his movies Dazed and Confused, School of Rock, Waking Life, and Oscar-nominated Before Sunset, has created a new docu-series for Hulu called Up to Speed. The show represents Linklater’s first foray into episodic storytelling. Each week Up to Speed follows tour guide, historian and flaneur Timothy “Speed” Levitch (“The Cruise”) as he visits the monumentally ignored monuments of America’s cities, from the shoe gardens of San Francisco to the luckiest subway grate in New York City.
Source: Hulu – January 15, 2012

–Posted by Rebecca Murray