More Actors Sign on to ‘I Saw the Light’

Four Actors Sign on to I Saw the Light

The Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Light has added four actors to its roster. David Krumholtz, Josh Pais, James Dumont, and Wrenn Schmidt are joining Tom Hiddleston (playing Hanks Williams) and Elizabeth Olsen (playing Audrey Mae Williams) in the dramatic movie based on Colin Escott’s biography of Williams.

Marc Abraham wrote the script and is directing the film which begins shooting in Louisiana this week.

Here’s who the latest additions to the cast will be playing, per the official announcement by RatPac Entertainment and Bron Studios:

– David Krumholtz plays James Dolan, an edgy New York journalist who in the course of a tough interview with Williams finds himself toe to toe with the country legend.

– James Dumont is WB Nowlin, the mayor of a town where Williams is headlining who is forced to strong arm a performance out of the debilitated singer.

– Josh Pais plays Dore Schary, one-time production president of MGM. Though smooth and savvy, he still can’t convince Williams to be movie star.

– Wrenn Schmidt will play Bobbie Jett, one of the several women in Williams’ life and the mother of his daughter born five days after his death.

-By Rebecca Murray

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