IMDB Announces Its Top 10 Movies of 2016: ‘Suicide Squad’ Ranks #1

Suicide Squad Cast Movie
JAY HERNANDEZ as Diablo, JAI COURTNEY as Boomerang, ADEWALE AKINNUOYE-AGBAJE as Killer Croc, MARGOT ROBBIE as Harley Quinn, WILL SMITH as Deadshot, JOEL KINNAMAN as Rick Flag and KAREN FUKUHARA as Katana in Warner Bros. Pictures’ action adventure ‘SUICIDE SQUAD,’ a Warner Bros. Pictures release. (Photo © 2016 Warner Bros Entertainment)

IMDB recently published its top 10 television shows of 2016 along with its list of the most popular actors of the year, and now they’ve released their top 10 movies of the year list. Sitting in the number one spot is a film that was slammed by critics, Suicide Squad. According to IMDB, the Warner Bros Pictures release was the most visited page on the entertainment website throughout 2016.

IMDB’s annual top 10 lists are based on actual page views by the site’s 250 million unique monthly visitors. It’s interesting to note that the top five spots on IMDB’s top 10 movies list are held by films based on comic books. Two of the top 10 are remakes of classic films and one is a film based on an incredibly popular video game.

“Movies adapted from comic books were the big winners in 2016,” said Keith Simanton, IMDb’s Senior Film Editor commenting on this year’s most popular movie pages. “Buzz for Suicide Squad, IMDb’s #1 movie of 2016 (as determined by page views), began a year earlier when the film’s Comic-Con trailer became one of IMDb’s most viewed trailers in 2015. Anticipation continued through the year with each successive online trailer release. Suicide Squad certainly wasn’t hurt by the fact that Margot Robbie, IMDb’s #1 star of 2016 (also determined by page views), was one of the leads, the crazy-like-a-fox Harley Quinn.”

IMDb’s Top 10 Movies of 2016