‘Ja’mie: Private School Girl’ Coming to HBO in November

Chris Lilley in 'Ja'mie: Private School Girl'
Chris Lilley in 'Ja'mie: Private School Girl' (Photo Courtesy of HBO)

Summer Heights High and Angry Boys‘ creator and star Chris Lilley is returning to HBO with the comedy series, Ja’mie: Private School Girl. The half-hour series is set to debut on Sunday, November 24, 2013 at 10:30pm ET/PT and will center around the character of Ja’mie (played by Lilley) from Summer Heights High.

The six episode season one was written, directed, produced by and stars Lilley. Laura Waters executive produces.

“I find teenage girls endlessly funny,” said Lilley. “So being able to write for and play the meanest bitch in school has been so fun. I can’t wait to show everyone what Ja’mie’s been up to.”

The Plot:

Ja’mie: Private School Girl follows the eponymous school captain during the last few months of her final year of school, far removed from the grounds of Summer Heights High and back on the lush manicured lawns of Hillford Girls Grammar School. Returning to her private school roots, the series highlights the trials and responsibilities that come with being the “most well-known” girl on campus, including her academic and charity work, social life and relationships with family.