Jay Mohr is Ready for Money Where Your Mouth Is

Jay MohrBelieve Entertainment Group (BE) has announced Jay Mohr will be hosting the game show Money Where Your Mouth Is on Hulu and Hulu Plus. The series, dubbed a ‘guys game show’, was directed by Lowell Mate and will premiere later this year.
Announcing the series, Mohr had this to say about Money Where Your Mouth Is: “Our new show is a way for guys to take all that pent-up ‘man knowledge’ and use it to compete with their friends to win their most prized possessions. It’s stuff our wives and girlfriends consider utterly useless, but we know as guys is critically important stuff like building furniture without instructions, knowing every sports stat and movie or TV quote known to mankind and finally settling age-old man-debates like what’s the harder job, swimsuit model or runway model. In the end it’s all about guys proving their manhood and having bragging rights over their buddies.”
“Jay is the quintessential guy’s guy,” added Dan Goodman, co-founder, Believe Entertainment Group. “He embodies the guy camaraderie spirit of this competition. That, coupled with his relatability and comedic sensibilities, makes him the absolute perfect partner for this series.”
The Details:
A game show for the man’s man, Money Where Your Mouth Is will see lifelong friends wager their most prized possessions and go head-to-head to take the items from one another in a harrowing battle of “man wits.” Three rounds of competition will include everything from identifying movie quotes and obscure trivia to physical challenges and debating some of the greatest questions that plague mankind, the kind of knowledge every guy uses as the true measure of their manhood.
Source: Believe Entertainment Group

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