Freestyle Releasing Picks Up Jinn

Ray Park in Jinn
Ray Park in 'Jinn' - Photo © Exxodus Pictures

The Exxodus Pictures supernatural thriller Jinn from writer/director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad has found at home at Freestyle Releasing. No release date’s been set – yet – for the dramatic film starring Ray Park, Faran Tahir, William Atherton, Serinda Swan, and Dominic Rains.
Commenting on the pick-up by Freestyle Releasing, Ahmad stated: “The Exxodus team and I are very excited to be working with Freestyle Releasing on the film, especially with their experience and delivery model. They understand the originality of the jinn concept and its franchise potential, and will definitely market the concept to North American movie going audiences while retaining its authenticity to people already familiar with the idea.”
The Plot:
“The amazing story of JINN involves ancient mythological creatures who have never been seen in U.S. cinemas before. The premise of the jinn concept, known to over 1 billion people around the world, involves supernatural entities and revolves around creation mythology: In the beginning, three were created; man made of clay; angels made of light; and a third…made of fire. They are powerful due to their existence in a parallel world, and also because they have free will and can be both good and evil.”
Watch the trailer:

Source: Freestyle Releasing