JJ Abrams to Go from Star Trek to Star Wars

JJ Abrams

JJ Abrams - Photo © Richard Chavez

Heading up one big-budget sci-fi action franchise is apparently not enough for director JJ Abrams who is reportedly close to making a deal to direct Star Wars Episode VII. With two Star Trek films under his belt, Abrams is definitely not a stranger to being in charge of a franchise with a passionate fan base which should work in his favor if he does sign on the dotted line and attach himself to the new Star Wars movie.
Disney’s not wasting any time in bringing Star Wars 7 to the screen, setting a 2015 release for the return to the world of Jedi warriors and bizarre space creatures.
The studio’s tapped Michael Arndt to handle the script and there’s no official confirmation on whether he’ll be including any of the past Star Wars characters in the new films.

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