John Mayer Has Another Number 1 Album

John Mayer Born and RaisedJohn Mayer’s latest album, Born and Raised, has earned the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 219,000 copies over its first week in release so says Nielsen SoundScan [via Billboard]. This makes Mayer’s third album to do so, with Battle Studies and Heavier Things each earning a number one place during their first weeks in release.

Mayer’s currently recovering from throat surgery and can’t actually sing any of the songs off his new album during the press rounds. However, he has been active on the interview circuit and has been keeping up with his fans via his Tumblr account. Thanking his fans for their continued support, Mayer said being able to get back in touch with his fans has been one of the things he’d been looking forward to doing with this album’s release.

Acknowledging the fact he’s been unable to promote the album in the usual way due to his throat problems, Mayer said, “In a world of schemes and strategies when it comes to selling something, you guys just bought music you trusted you’d like. You picked it up in the same way I made it… from the heart, no trickery. That is so cool and rare and all the marketeers in the world together can’t manufacture that. I am very grateful to you.”

Source: Billboard, John Mayer