Craig Ferguson Returns to TV with ‘Join or Die’ on History

History Greenlights Join or Die with Craig Ferguson
A scene from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Former The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson will be the star of a new half hour series on the History channel. Join or Die with Craig Ferguson has received a 16 episode first season order, with Ferguson, Phil Cottone, Brian Volk-Weiss, Jim Biederman, Tim Healy, and Matt Ginsburg executive producing.

Announcing the new series, History’s Executive Vice President and Head of Programming Paul Cabana said, “Craig is incredibly knowledgeable, but also has a fun way of getting people engaged in history. It’s clear this is his passion project and we’re looking forward to having him join the network.”

“I’m a huge fan of History and what they do,” added Ferguson. “I’m delighted to be on their schedule and promise that we will have a lot of fun but we will also stick to the truth.”

The Plot:

In the half-hour show, comedian Craig Ferguson debates provocative and timely topics, in his unorthodox and iconoclastic manner, with a panel of guests which will include celebrities and history experts, as well as the American public through social media.

Categories will range from topics such as: what was the biggest presidential campaign flop; who was the greatest founding father; or which invention was history’s greatest game changer – clue: it’s not the “selfie stick.”

The expression, “Join or Die” is not only Benjamin Franklin’s 1754 rallying cry to the divided colonists; it is also the tattoo Craig received on his forearm after becoming an American citizen. This passion for history and spirited debate will be infused not only in every episode, but also in extensive digital pieces.

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