Filming Begins on ‘Killjoys’ Season Two Starring Aaron Ashmore

Killjoys Cast Photo
Aaron Ashmore as John, Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, and Luke Macfarlane as D’Avin in ‘Killjoys’ (Photo by Steve Wilkie / Syfy)

Syfy says filming is now underway on Killjoys season two in Toronto with season one stars Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke Macfarlane are back reprising their roles. Showrunner/executive producer Michelle Lovretta executive produces along with David Fortier, Ivan Schneeberg, and Karen Troubetzkoy. Season two will consist of 10 new episodes with Paolo Barzman, Peter Stebbings, Martin Wood, Stefan Pleszczynski, Ruba Nadda, Jeff Renfroe and Grant Harvey set to direct.

Season two will air in the summer of 2016.

“In the debut season, we introduced the Killjoys and learned about their world, the mysteries of the Quad, the secrets of the RAC, and the rich cast of characters. This season, we up the ante on the sci-fi factor, sexiness, and stakes, and answer some existing core questions while introducing new mysteries for our dynamic trio,” said Lovretta. “This season promises to be a twisted romp, but the heart and soul of Killjoys remains the same – that of deep friendships and family bonds. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Killjoys’ fun, fast-paced action and strong characters really resonated with the Syfy audience in the series’ first season, and we can’t wait to bring even more of Dutch, John and D’avin’s exciting exploits to our viewers next summer,” stated Bill McGoldrick, Executive Vice President, Original Content, Syfy.

The Killjoys Plot:

Following the shocking Killjoys season one cliffhanger, season two begins with Dutch and John trying desperately to find their brother-in-arms who’s been kidnapped at the hands of Dutch’s duplicitous and mysterious childhood mentor, Khlyen (Rob Stewart, Suits). As surprising truths are revealed, the Killjoys’ loyalties are tested as they struggle to balance the lives of their killjoy family and defending the good of the Quad.