Lil Bub Stars in Her Own Animal Planet Special

Lil Bub Animal Planet Special
Lil Bub (Photo Courtesy of Animal Planet)
Even dog people have to love Lil Bub, the one-of-a-kind cat who’s one of the most popular felines on the internet. Animal Planet’s teamed up with the internet star for a half-hour special airing on February 8, 2014. The Lil Bub’s Special Special will find the adorable cat throwing a slumber party for her, with Amy Sedaris co-starring in the special as Lil Bub’s babysitter.
The Plot:
In Lil Bub’s Special Special, Lil Bub takes full advantage of an empty house when her owner, Mike, heads out for the night. As the saying goes, when Lil BUB’s dude is away, the cat will play, and Lil Bub has plans to invite her assortment of furry friends for a slumber party to watch rock star Andrew W.K.’s new clip show PARTY ANIMALS. To make sure the party doesn’t get too catty, Mike enlists a special ‘bubbysitter,’ Amy Sedaris, who promises to keep an eye on things…
Amy is the cat’s meow when it comes to bubbysitting and has all kinds of fun planned, including playing charades with the gang and ordering a pizza with outlandish toppings that is sure to please all. But, no matter how cool of a cat Amy is, she can’t stop Lil BUB and her friends -a miniature horse, bunny and guinea pig – from partaking in prank phone calls, pillow fights and other hijinks. And who knows, perhaps Lil Bub’s playful rival, Colonel Meow, may show up to stir up some trouble. To top the night off, Lil Bub unveils a ‘purrfect’ surprise – her special brand of space magic that leaves everyone open jawed with tongues out!
Source: Animal Planet
-Posted by Rebecca Murray

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