A&E Invites Couples to ‘Love Prison’

Details on the A&E Series Love Prison
Jeanne and Billy in A&E’s ‘Love Prison’
(Photo by A&E)

Would you be able to survive living on a deserted island with someone you’ve only had a relationship with online? That’s the set-up of A&E Network’s new series, Love Prison, debuting on September 8, 2014 at 10pm ET/PT.

Love Prison takes couples dating online who’ve never actually met face-to-face and places them in a house on a deserted island for a whole week. The series will air seven one-hour episodes and will be executive produced by Brent Montgomery, David George, Jordana Hochman, Drew Tappon, Shelly Tatro and Devon Graham, Jason Hollis, and Eliza Clark.

The Plot:

Each episode begins with an established online couple agreeing to test the strength of their connection in the “Love Prison.” Here, the couples are forced to get to know each other the hard way. This social experiment will test the validity of online compatibility versus real-life chemistry. They have zero access to technology and must spend 23-hours a day indoors. Surprise interruptions keep them on their toes, and just when things may be going well, video interviews about their past reveal secrets both good and bad.

After an emotional week, the couples will decide whether they will stay together or call off their online affairs for good. When their boat comes to pick them up, will they both leave together? Or will one be left behind?

-By Rebecca Murray

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